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Everywhere In The North, Part 1


01. Once With Nature 02. Everwhere In the North (Finland) 03. Juhannus 04. Helsinki Love

I make music for me and my circle. The music how I create for this album and

all upcoming albums reflects my feelings, my life and my emotions.

So, this is my first circle of my life and not the last one. I do it with passion and

the untold, untitled stories in my mind. It is an infinity circle. Sometimes

with a bolder line then other times but also a circle.

My circle continous.. Hope you're enjoying my album ep!

Software thanking: Native Instruments Fabfilter iZotope Waves Ableton Aturia Universal Audio Lethal Audio

And last but not least the one and only Armin Van Buuren.

thanks for your inspiration and the beginning for my to create own music !


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